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Beer Mats and Beyond: Innovative Promotional Materials for Your Pub

Beer Mats and Beyond: Innovative Promotional Materials for Your Pub


5 Minute read, Published: June 13, 2023

In today’s competitive business landscape, one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and captivate your customers’ attention is through creative and unique marketing tools.

While traditional advertising methods have their place, going the extra mile with promotional materials can make a remarkable difference in attracting customers and boosting your pub’s visibility. That’s where beer mats and other unconventional promotional items come into play.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of promotional materials, exploring endless marketing possibilities beyond the ordinary. We’ll talk eye-catching beer mats and quirky coasters that engage customers while they enjoy their favourite brews. We’ll uncover how these items can enhance your pub’s brand, create memorable experiences, and ultimately drive customer loyalty.

Looking to expand your creativity and take your pub’s marketing game to the next level? We’ve got you covered!

Let’s get started!

Beer Mats: A Timeless Advertising Tool for Pubs and Breweries

brand promotion; beer mats with coffee

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, where trends come and go, these unassuming coasters have proven their effectiveness in entertaining and engaging customers.

Back in the 19th century, small pieces of cork were used by Germans to protect their tables. That is how the beer mat was invented. As time passed, these beer mats were made with simple materials like paper and cardboard.

Initially, these simple cardboard coasters only displayed the brewery’s logo, but they soon evolved to include colourful designs, humorous slogans, and even puzzles or trivia. As the popularity of beer spread around the globe, so did the use of beer mats for advertising purposes.

Today, they have become an integral part of pub culture, providing an effective platform for breweries, pubs and other businesses to promote their offerings and connect with customers.

Placed directly in front of customers as they enjoy their favourite brews, beermats become a point of focus and conversation. Unlike digital ads or flyers that can be easily overlooked or discarded, beer mats are physically present throughout a customer’s drinking experience. They serve as a constant reminder of your brand and messaging, reinforcing brand awareness and fostering customer loyalty.

Overall, beer mats continue to be a valuable asset for pubs and breweries in their marketing efforts. They have also become collectables, with a number of people building exciting collections of unique beermats.

Beyond Beer Mats: Exploring Innovative Products to Enhance Brand Promotion

promotional materials for business; green pints

Promotional items serve a dual purpose: The consumer is reminded of the brand every time they use it and others see the item being used. When picking the best promotional items for your business, you will need to choose products that are useful for your customers. 

We know that beer mats are excellent promotional materials, but there are also a few other items that can enhance your pub’s marketing strategies.

1. Pint Glasses 

Pint glasses make great promotional items for any pub as they can be designed with your logo, and paired with beermats to interest customers. If the customer buys these items, when they use these glasses at home, they will be reminded of your brand.

If you use pint glasses to serve drinks to guests, it can lead to added publicity. You can capitalise on this by offering events at your pub locations where customers can bring their branded glasses in and receive discounted rates. 

2. Personalised Mints 

End the meal by serving banded mints to the table along with the check. Customers always appreciate a little ‘freebie’ at the end of their meals and these mint boxes can have your brand’s logo printed on them along with a thank you message. 

3. Drink Koozies

Drink koozies have become a beloved promotional item for pubs which combine functionality and brand promotion. These insulating sleeves wrap around cold beverages, keeping them cool on the hottest of days. Adorned with the pub’s logo or catchy slogans, these sleeves create an eye-catching display and serve as a portable billboard for your pubs. 

4. Bottle Openers 

A bottle opener is another product that comes in handy and works well as a promotional item for the food and beverage industry. They can be simple plastic tools or made of more durable metals, where your engraved logo ensures brand’s visibility. 

Customisation at its Best: Designing Unique Beer Mats for Maximum Impact

The art of customising beer mats has changed pub promotion, transforming the plain coasters into canvases of creativity. With custom beermats, you can showcase your logos, taglines or even add a captivating design that reflects your brand. As customers rest their glasses upon these personalised coasters, they are greeted by an artistic expression that enhances their drinking experience and reinforces brand identity.

Moreover, the versatility of custom beer mats allows pubs to elevate their promotional efforts. Beer mats become conversation starters by incorporating interesting facts about the pub’s history or anecdotes related to its signature drinks. With every clink of glasses, these personalised beer mats serve as silent ambassadors, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who visits the pub. To creatively customise beer mats for your pub, contact us now.

Choose Mosaic Board Print For Custom Beermats and More!

We now know the importance of pub promotions and how it allows you to captivate your audience. From unique promotional items like custom beermats to drink koozies, you have the power to create memorable moments that extend beyond the bar. 

At Mosaic Board Print, we understand your requirements and provide you with the best services. 

By partnering with us, you open up endless opportunities for your brand promotion. Let us help you elevate your brand and engage your customers so they keep coming back for more. 

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