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4 Simple Tips to Plan the Perfect Restaurant Holiday Promotions

4 Simple Tips to Plan the Perfect Restaurant Holiday Promotions


5 Minute read, Published: November 22, 2022

The holiday season is imminent and it can be game-changing for your restaurant if you promote it well. You might even notice twice the amount of families and friends looking to have dinner at your place. 

However, if you don’t take advantage of the holidays, you could lose customers and potential revenue. This is because the competition is now more fierce than ever and you have to make sure that your restaurant stands out to ensure that customers choose it.

The best way to gain more customers is to create unique holiday promotions for your restaurant. If your restaurant advertisements stand out, people are more likely to book a table with their family and friends during the holidays.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of tips to plan the best holiday promotions for your restaurant. These tips for a restaurant business can make a large impact on your holiday sales when executed correctly. 

Let’s take a look at these tips!  

1. Get Creative With Your Restaurant Menuholiday promotion ideas for restaurants; a bar menu

A well-thought-out menu needs to be at the top of your priority list during the holiday season. During this time, customers are looking to get exotic and delicious dishes at a fair price. We recommend creating a list of unique holiday dishes on your restaurant menu to entice your customers. 

We recommend adding a list of ingredients below the dishes to give readers a better idea of what is in the meal. According to holiday menu experts, ingredients like turkey, eggnog and gingerbread are common choices of customers during the holiday season. 

We also suggest serving something unique, like holiday beer mats, with the menu to catch the interest of customers. With a good menu design and a mouth-watering list of dishes, people online are bound to take notice and pay a visit to your restaurant. 

2. Create Gift Cards for the Holiday Season

creative holiday promotions; a gift card placed on top of giftsChristmas is the season of giving, and people will be looking for creative gifts to give their loved ones during this time. You can use this opportunity to promote your restaurant to a brand-new audience. 

You can create gift cards for people as a restaurant holiday promotion tactic. These are one of the most requested items during the holiday season and people are bound to gift them to their loved ones. They’re also a straightforward and affordable item to incorporate into your services. 

To make the gift card extra special, you can also send a complimentary present, like a customised beer mat. This can help increase sales to your restaurant while also creating opportunities for inviting new customers in. 

3. Bring the Festive Spirit to Your Restaurant 

Christmas promotion ideas for restaurants; people talking at the tablePeople love to see decorations during the holiday season and they are a great way to tempt people to visit your restaurant. We recommend decorating your restaurant and website during the festive season. 

You can also run a campaign to boost your social media presence and gain more exposure to new customers. If you’re looking to host a social media contest, we recommend creating a unique hashtag for people to use when posting about your restaurant. 

A hashtag makes it easier for you to track social media activities throughout the month. Additionally, people enjoying your food and posting about it builds up a positive reputation for your restaurant. 

You can also improve the aesthetics of your restaurant to make it look more attractive in social media pictures. We recommend using beer mats, lights, paintings and other decorations to build an amazing atmosphere for your restaurant during the holidays. 

4. Get Creative With Your Restaurant Offers

restaurant promotion offers; waiter serving steakPeople love discounts, but you need to get creative with your restaurant offers to stand out from the crowd. During the holiday season, customers will prioritise eating delicious food at a place with great ambience

Therefore, there’s no point in directly offering free food in a ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ meal, as it may not be worth losing a considerable profit. Instead, if you’re looking to tempt customers with discounts, we recommend creating combo meals

Surveys have shown that customers look more at discounted meals during the holidays. This is because they tend to get food for many family members or friends, and combo meals are the best option for them. 

Don’t forget to present these meals in an aesthetically pleasing way, as customers love to take pictures of their food. We recommend serving your meals in a tray with your brand’s design on and using customised beer mats with your restaurant’s logo on to promote your place. 

Contact Mosaic Board Printers for Customised Beer Mats During the Holiday Season! 

With these restaurant holiday promotions, you should now have a good idea of how you can advertise your place. These tips can also make your restaurant stand out from the rest of your competition. 

For starters, we recommend purchasing unique decorations that can help promote your restaurant. Mosaic Board Printers offers customised beer mats to get your restaurant ready for the holiday season. We offer you the creative liberty to bring a unique aesthetic to your restaurant with our beermats.

We also sell stock mats and custom beer mats to use at your restaurant. You can look at our portfolio to see our previous work and get some ideas.

Visit our contact page to place an order now! For enquiries, you can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01536 312800.

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