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Top 6 Craft Beers To Celebrate Mums This Mother’s Day

Top 6 Craft Beers To Celebrate Mums This Mother’s Day

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4 Minute read, Published: March 1, 2022

There are all kinds of mothers! Football Mums, busy Mums, foodie Mums, beer Mums, and so on! However, the one thing that is common in all Mums is that they’re absolutely amazing. 

Therefore, on this Mother’s Day, they deserve all your love and attention, and we’re here to ensure it with this brilliant post. 

Mother’s Day craft beers are one of the most unique and fun ways to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Especially if your Mum is a big fan of beer, and if that’s the case, we have another wonderful Mother’s Day gift idea for you.

A set of personalised beer mats is the perfect gift for the beer Mum. You can have an inside joke printed on it or a small letter to your Mum. Whatever you do, she’ll undoubtedly love it. Moving on. 

With all the love in our hearts, we dedicate this delightful article to all the craft beer-loving Mums out there! In this post, we’ll provide you with some of the sweetest ideas for Mother’s Day craft beers to surprise your Mum on this wonderful occasion.  

  • Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

Mother's Day Craft Beers; Chocolate Vanilla Craft Beer

One of the sweetest Mother’s Day craft beers on our list, the Chocolate, and Vanilla Stout, has a delicious flavour.

A traditional stout beer with a creamy texture sweetened with the delightful flavours of chocolate and a hint of vanilla. 

With its silky texture and pleasant taste, the Chocolate and Vanilla Stout is one of the best craft beers to celebrate Mothers Day.




  • My Little Sabrony

Mother's Day Craft Beers; Arbor beer glass

Probably the best brew available at Arbor Ales, this fruity American Pale Ale is simply perfect for this Mother’s Day.

Brewed with the sugary dozes of Sabro Hops, this amazing Mother’s Day craft beer accompanies a unique tropical fruit flavour with a dash of bitterness. 

A bittersweet symphony created with some of the tastiest floral flavours and an everlasting aroma that sticks with you. 




  • 20 Watt Moon

Mother's Day Craft Beers; a glass of beer next to a can

Created by one of the best craft breweries in the country, the 20 Watt Moon is the best craft beer offered by the Verdant Brewing Co. 

A perfectly crispy flavour put together with some of the most fascinating combinations of grapefruit and Citra hops, this is another brilliant Mother’s Day gift idea.

Surprise your Mum with this unique and delicious craft beer and pack it along with a beautiful beermat with her favourite design. 


  • Sweet Child O’Pine

Mother's Day Craft Beers; a can of craft beer

With its name inspired by one of the greatest rock songs of all time, this nostalgic craft beer will remind her of adolescence. 

A vegan-friendly drink brewed with the fresh taste of piney hops and moderate bitterness, this Pale Ale is just as exciting as the famous Guns ‘n’ Roses song. 

If your Mum loves coffee, combine this amazing craft beer gift with another brilliant creation of the Weird Beard Brew called “Acid Black Coffee.”



  • Mango & Passion Fruit Pale Ale

With the funky flavour of passion fruit brewed with delicious mango puree, this Mother’s Day craft beer is one of the most distinct beers on this list. 

The Pale Ale is one of the best flavours offered by the North Laine Brewhouse, famous for its vibrant, energetic, and revolutionary flavours. 

You can either get their beer delivered or plan a day at their fun-filled pub with activities like axe throwing and table tennis, along with a delightful bottomless brunch. 


  • Chasing The Sun

Ever since the inception of the incredible Tenby Brew Co., they have greatly influenced the craft beer industry with their exceptional flavours. 

Chasing the sun is one such tangy flavoured Mother’s Day craft beer with a soft fruity taste and a hint of soothing bitterness.

With its sweet name and distinctive flavour, Chasing The Sun is one of the funkiest craft beers to celebrate mothers day.


Surprise Your Mum With Personalised Beer Mats From Mosaic 

With the most amazing craft beer gifts, you can now celebrate Mother’s Day with some of the tangiest, sweetest, and most distinct flavours available on the market.

Furthermore, with such amazing flavours, we suggest giving your Mum a personalised set of beer mats to show her how much you love her. 

Beer mats are a truly versatile gift, and when you surprise your Mum with a distinct set of beer mats customised especially for her, she’ll be delighted. 

Moreover, we also offer highly innovative packaging services for businesses who want to ensure the highest standards of quality for their customers.

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