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4 Mother’s Day Cocktails to Serve at Your Establishment

4 Mother’s Day Cocktails to Serve at Your Establishment

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4 Minute read, Published: March 3, 2023

Mother’s Day is a special occasion for all mothers and children and it is widely celebrated all across the world. As a wonderful day, when sons and daughters have the opportunity to show their love and appreciation for their mums, Mother’s Day is filled with traditions.

Some of these amazing Mother’s Day traditions include taking your mum and the entire family out for a brunch and some delicious Mother’s Day cocktails. Not only do cocktails provide a sophisticated way to celebrate the occasion but they can also help the family unwind and enjoy time together.

Now, if you own a restaurant, pub or bar, March 19th is the right occasion for you to add some special Mother’s Day brunch cocktails to your menu. This will help you spread the word about your establishment and attract new customers. 

What’s more, along with the best Mother’s Day cocktails, you can also get some special custom-made Mother’s Day coasters to serve with the drinks. Making an extra effort to decorate your place for Mother’s Day will encourage your customers to celebrate at your establishment. 

However, it can be a little difficult to choose the right Mother’s Day cocktails to serve on this day. That’s why we’re bringing you this article, with all the top suggestions for the best Mother’s Day cocktails in 2023! Now, let’s get started!

1. Classic Cocktails With a Twist 

classic cocktails for mother's day

Starting off with one of the most perfect Mother’s Day cocktail ideas, we bring you a classic way to elevate traditional cocktails with a modern twist. Most mums are big fans of classic cocktails and, with a modern touch, you can introduce them to something new. 

What’s more, adding a unique twist to a classic cocktail can also attract cocktail enthusiasts and increase your Mother’s Day sales. You can do this by adding a strawberry or watermelon twist to your margaritas or by creating a “ruby mimosa”—infusing a classic mimosa with pomegranate juice. 

The sky is the limit and your creativity can take you to marvellous heights this Mother’s Day! The best part is that if you find your visitors liking certain Mother’s Day cocktails, you can introduce them to your regular menu.

2. Fruity and Refreshing

Marking the beginning of spring in the UK, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to try fruity and refreshing cocktails. Including several simple cocktails, like gin and tonic with cucumber and mint or a classic spritz, you’ve got all the options you need.

Not only are these refreshing cocktails a great way to celebrate this special occasion with loved ones but they are also a perfect match for a light lunch or dinner. 

3. Boozy Brunch

mother's day brunch cocktails Mother’s Day brunches are one of the most important traditions of the day. With many people visiting restaurants and bars, you need to serve the best Mother’s Day brunch cocktails.

Offering anything from a mimosa to a bloody mary to a pina colada, you’ve got numerous options for brunch cocktails. However, when taking your customers’ brunch cocktail orders, make sure you ask them for any dietary restrictions.



4. Non-alcoholic Options

Last but not least, we’ve got our non-alcoholic cocktails. With the rise in information about the health risks of alcohol, many people have turned to non-alcoholic cocktails. 

That’s why it is very important for you to offer a few non-alcoholic Mother’s Day cocktails. What’s more, you can also offer special discounts on these cocktails, encouraging people to stay healthy by choosing these options. 

Virgin mojitos and mock gin and tonics can be a great hit in this section of the menu. Moreover, by offering these cocktails, you can also allow children to enjoy the Mother’s Day celebration.

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Now that you know all about the best Mother’s Day cocktails, it’s time for you to introduce them to your special menu. Not only can you use this special occasion to market your establishment but you can also provide your customers with a great experience.

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