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3 Home Bar Accessories That Will Impress Your Guests

3 Home Bar Accessories That Will Impress Your Guests

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4 Minute read, Published: April 26, 2022

If you are someone who frequently has guests over and hosts a number of events and social gatherings at home, when it comes to keeping everyone entertained, there can be a lot of pressure. 

Whether someone’s go-to drink is a glass of wine, a cold bottle of beer or whiskey on the rocks, having a fully stocked home bar that caters to everyone’s needs is essential. 

As the host, you need to ensure that the presentation and aesthetics of your event are on point. So, if you’d like to step up your game in the drinks and bar area, you need cool home bar accessories to jazz things up and impress your guests. 

At Mosaic, we’ve put together a list of extraordinary home bar accessories that’ll spice up your home bar. 

Let’s take a look! 

1. Personalised Beermats 

beermats placed on a wooden table.

If you want to make your guests feel special, getting them a personalised beer coaster is the way to go. There are several ways you can experiment with this and as long as you know what you want, we can design and print it for you in no time.

At Mosaic Board Printers, we are here to accommodate all your personalised beermats needs with our excellent services. 

You can choose to print an amalgamation of all your interests, say events that are close to your heart, into one creative graphic that can then be printed on our beermats. 

Another idea is to create a collection of your favourite pubs around the world right next to your home bar – display the printed beermats printed with the brand logos and other handy tidbits to keep things interesting. 

You could also surprise your guests with your knowledge of their favourite drink and get a custom beermat made for them with a great picture and a memory printed on the coasters. 

With so much thought and effort put into it, you are sure to win over everyone who attends your event. 

2. Stylish Cocktail Muddler Set 

home bar accessories; a cocktail in making.

Having a beautiful home bar set up is every host’s dream but there are chances that you’ve forgotten about the details that go into making it perfect

Having home bar accessories like a stylish muddler and mixing spoons is key to creating professional cocktails for your guests. 

The key here is to choose the right accessories.

For instance, when you use a nice cocktail muddler to mash citrus fruits or mint, you know you’ll release all the flavours into the drink you are making.

This means you can create professional mojitos right at home with this set and impress your guests with your bartending skills. 

Consider buying a cocktail recipe book to add a touch of perfection to all your creations. 

3. Bottle Liquor Dispenser 

Liquor bottles placed next to one another.

A home-friendly version of beer taps and other dispensers, bottle liquor dispensers can not only elevate the look of your home bar, but also increases its overall functionality. 

A typical bottle liquor dispenser can hold different liquor bottles that stay suspended, ready for your cocktail shaker.

It even has a rotator to choose the type of alcohol you want with a dish at the bottom, to ensure that the spills don’t overflow. 

If you have home bar accessories like this one, you’ll have a professional-looking bar in no time, within the comforts of your home. 

Cheers to staying in! *clink*


Get in Touch With Mosaic Board Printers for Your Personalised Beermats 

Whenever you speak of personalisation, there is a broad spectrum of options to choose from. You have the liberty to get as creative as you wish and end up with something that’s exclusive and unique in every way. 

That’s where our beermats can help. At Mosaic Board Printers, we enable your dream of personalisation with our beer coasters, so go ahead and let the creativity flow. 

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