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Tegestology – Your Guide to Beer Mat Collection

Tegestology – Your Guide to Beer Mat Collection

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4 Minute read, Published: May 10, 2022

In the world of collectable beer paraphernalia, tegestology might not be something you’ve only vaguely heard of.

For those unfamiliar with this term, tegestology refers to the collection of beer mats or coasters, one of the lesser expensive hobbies that make beer connoisseurs happy

Whether it is Mosaic’s new collection of Jubilee celebration mats or well-designed mats from some other special event, many unique beer mat designs become excellent collectables.

With so many people deeply involved in pub culture and beer-related products, it’s no surprise that there are many tegestologists with an incredibly unique collection of beer mats.

At Mosaic, with our immense expertise with bespoke coasters and beer mats, we’ve put together a guide on tegestology to help you understand what it’s all about.

Let’s get started!

What is Tegestology – A Brief History

guide on tegestology; customised beermats by Mosaic

Derived from the Latin word ‘tegestos’ referring to a small reed mat, the art of tegestology was born out of necessity but soon became a wide-reaching hobby across the globe.  

Popular, particularly in the UK and Germany, the art of tegestology, helps you experience the best of history, art and more through a well-designed beer mat.

The introduction of the beer tankard many centuries ago was designed to prevent insects and other debris from entering the beer glass.

Since this practice was usually followed by the weather patrons, the common folk opted for something more simple. They used a felt mat to cover their drinks – the very first form of a beer mat. That’s where the history of beer mats began.

With thriving communities and social clubs formed on tegestology with their own practices, the art of tegestology is something far more than the surface level understanding of the simple act of beer mat collection.

A Guide to Collecting Beer Mats

Square-shaped beermats by Mosaic

While a beer mat may have been initially collected by people to protect their drinks and absorb spills, its purpose wasn’t solely restricted to these.

Serious tegestologists are drawn more towards the reflection of the socio-economic conditions that a beer mat may reveal or a particular age in designated time periods, the graphics and designs of beer mats and more.

On a less serious note, the multi-functional beer mat can serve several purposes – from a customised one being an advertising tool for your business or incredible Union Jack beer mats as memorabilia from the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, it can be used creatively across numerous settings and purposes. 

Turns out the Guinness Book of World Record holder has a collection of over 150,000 beer mats, impressive, isn’t it?

From being used as an alternative to the frisbee to levelling tables, it can be used recreationally by all. However, pubs and restaurant owners can leverage these handy tools and collect beer mats of several unique styles to serve as a USP for their establishment.

If you’re on the lookout for customised beer mats for your establishment, get in touch with Mosaic today!

Beer Mat Maintenance Tips to Keep In Mind

Square-shaped beermats by Mosaic

If you’ve found yourself immersed in the practice of tegestology or inclined towards becoming a part of it after reading this guide on tegestology, it’s important for you to understand the right maintenance tips to take good care of your beer mat collection.

Avoid putting your beer mats in a dishwasher as the fabric or rubber used to construct the mats may become damaged.

High-pressure water must be avoided at all times as it may affect the integrity of the beer mat printing and graphics.

A simple wipe with a cloth or a damp rag can do the trick to keep your mats in good condition at all times. While maintenance will more or less depend on the type of beer mat you have, your beer mat provider can also give you insights on how to keep them well-maintained.

For this, make sure to always invest in quality beer coasters. These will not only last long but also ensure that your collection stays intact for the years to come.

Contact Mosaic For Incredible Personalised Beer Mats

With this guide on tegestology, you now have insights on the art of beer mat collection and how you can make the most of it. If you’re looking for unique beer mats for yourself, Mosaic is the perfect place for you!

Mosaic Board Printers believes in delivering quality products and entertains no compromise on the quality of printing. With us, you’re guaranteed well-designed beer mats of the highest quality. 

Well then, what are you waiting for? Place your order today!

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