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4 Drink Menu Design Tips You Have to Use for Your Bar or Restaurant

4 Drink Menu Design Tips You Have to Use for Your Bar or Restaurant

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4 Minute read, Published: August 30, 2022

If you’re looking to open a bar or restaurant, or already own one, you need to focus on designing your drink menus. They can have a huge impact on the sales of your delightful cocktails and other drinks. 

There are several different aspects like design, colour, and placement of your drinks options you need to consider in the menu. It can be a massive game changer for your bar, as they have the ability to influence the choices of your consumer.

Therefore, we’ve created a list of bar drink menu design tips to help you create one to entice your customers. It’ll also give you an idea of how you’d like to sell your drinks at your bar.

Let’s get started!

1. Add Some Space for Your Drinks

bar menu design tips; person reading a drink menu

When you’re trying to make your drinks stand out, you shouldn’t put it behind a large list of food your bar offers. Instead, let your drinks have their own unique menu that customers can use to order one for themselves immediately.

On top of that, make sure to give a good amount of space to each cocktail or beer on your drink menu. This makes it easier for your customers to read and it’s also pleasing to look at. Don’t forget to add the most popular drink and popular beer brands on the menu first. 

Additionally, keep your drinks well-arranged in a way that makes sense for your menu. For instance, separate your alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic drinks, especially for seasonal cocktails and mocktails for easier navigation in the menu. 

2. Use Images and Mention Ingredients

menu design tips; menu placed above the counter

Customers need to know what they’re ordering and there’s no better way to explain than showing images of your drinks. If you add pictures to the menu, make sure they look good to get your customers tempted.

It’s also a good idea to add some accessories like personalised beer mats from Mosaic to bring more flair to the images of your drinks. However, if you have a long menu, it might be a better idea to mention the ingredients you’re using in the drinks. 

This gives customers a better idea of what they’re ordering and they won’t be disappointed when the drink arrives. Overall, making these additions to your bar drink menus play a big factor in expanding and promoting your bar

3. Display the Drinks and their Prices Properly

tips for designing a drink menu; menu placed beside appetisers

You need to make sure that there are variations on the different drinks on the bar menu. For instance, if you’re charging more for something of the same size as your other drinks, you need to show the difference. 

It’ll tempt your customers to take more expensive drinks if they’re willing to splash some cash to try something new. Another effective drink menu design tip is to come up with creative names for your cocktails and choose their prices wisely

It’ll get readers more interested and they’ll spend more time looking at the menu, increasing the likelihood of them ordering additional drinks. 

4. Choose Colours Wisely

tips for designing drink menus; menu at a bar counter

Colours play a crucial role in your bar drink menu design. You can use them to make your customers do certain actions that you can take advantage of for your sales. 

For example, if you add red to your menus, customers will be more willing to take risks and try out new drinks. On the other hand, blue will keep your readers relaxed and make them try out their comfort drink.

These colours also play a role in your bar accessories like beer mats and you should plan your design well to generate more sales. Companies like Mosaic give you the freedom to make your own beer mats design, perfect for your bar or restaurant.

Choose Mosaic for Personalised Beer Mats

Now that you’re familiar with bar menu design tips, it’s time for you to give your bar and restaurant a new look. Mosaic Board Printers can help you out with the wide range of beer mats they have on offer. 

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