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Top 3 Reasons Why Custom Beermats are the Perfect Promotional Product

Top 3 Reasons Why Custom Beermats are the Perfect Promotional Product

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3 Minute read, Published: April 27, 2021

Using T-shirts and mugs to promote your business is a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean using promotional products for brand exposure and recognition has gone out of style. 

Instead of using generic promotional products stay fresh with something novel, eye catching and adventurous. 

This is where custom beermats come in, as an easy way to get in front of customers’ eyes at pubs, restaurants, bars and clubs. However, the question still remains – how effective will a custom beermat be for your business promotion? 

The answer is quite simple. 

Depending on your target demographic, the right beermat strategy can have a hugely positive impact on your brand, its identity and your overall advertising strategy. With custom beermats, you have the perfect opportunity to advertise your brand. 

What’s partnering with internationally recognised Mosaic Board Printers, you can really up your brand awareness. 

If you need any more reasons to understand why beermats are the perfect promotional product – keep reading!


1. Highly Bespoke Custom Beermats

When it comes to beermat printing and design you have as many options as with traditional print marketing, allowing you to customise the end result to be unique to your business and brand. 

Depending on your promotion and target market you’ll want to include your business logo, contact details and website. You have the freedom to portray your brand the way you want so if you want to add quirky messages to express your brand’s characteristics to patrons – you can!

To impress your existing clientele, you can go a step ahead and customise your beermats by etching their name on it. This additional effort will make you more far more memorable. Here, word-of-mouth will play a big role as your customers will talk about the things they like. Customised beermats are a big winner for engagement and subconscious awareness.


2. Beermats, Perfect for Giveaways

Branded beermats aren’t just for pubs, restaurants and bars. They can also work amazingly well for corporate giveaways. Use printed beermats at business events, trade shows and seminars. The goal here is to make sure your next lead is resting their drink on your business!

This form of advertising can be a huge boon for your brand and business exposure greatly. In a saturated marketplace, custom beermats are a brilliant way to grab the attention of your prospects. Beermats have the potential to work wonders for your business development as well so cash in on this brilliant promotional tactic.


3. Practical and Cost Effective Promotions

Printed beermats are not only affordable but also have the potential to grow your customer base. Beermats are an incredibly cost effective marketing tool to get in front of your prospective customers. What’s more, aside from the actual cost of printing and distribution, there are typically no costs associated to marketing as the bars and pubs are only too happy to have them!

Branded beermats are excellent marketing tools to use without having to worry about budget. These are classic promotional products that can work at restaurants and pubs or even corporate parties and weddings. 

Perfect for short promotional campaigns, beermats have just enough space to get your business message across in an unobtrusive way.

At Mosaic, our creative team can even help design visually-pleasing beermats for your business. We’re more than equipped to print beermats professionally with excellent turnaround times.

Get in touch with us today to take charge of your promotional campaign!

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