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From Art to Advertising: How Beer Mats Have Shaped the Culture of Drinking

From Art to Advertising: How Beer Mats Have Shaped the Culture of Drinking


5 Minute read, Published: August 8, 2023

Beyond their practical purposes, beer mats have emerged as a fusion of art and creativity. While often overlooked today, beer mats have left an indelible mark on the history and culture of drinking. 

However, with consumerism at its peak in the current market, the significance of beer mat advertising is unparalleled. Today, beer mats do not merely provide functional and aesthetic value, but also evoke a sense of profound influence on consumer behaviour. No doubt beer mats have become a canvas for creativity, showcasing stories, captivating artwork, witty slogans, and enticing advertisements. 

Right from its history to the norms surrounding drinking, let’s understand why these simple objects hold so much significance in pubs, restaurants and advertising. 

1. From Simple Coasters to Cultural Artefacts

Invented in the late 19th century as a practical solution to protect tables from condensation, beer mats have significantly evolved since then. Beyond their utilitarian purpose, they highlight an enduring emblem of a rich drinking culture. 

Beer mats showcase cultural artefacts through the lens of creativity and inspiration. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in the beer mat advertising industry, since it reflects the evolving drinking culture. Along with this, it offers a glimpse into the history of cultural values, trends and social norms. 

Over time, beer mats have been used by beer advertisers due to their artistic designs, witty remarks, catchy slogans, and brand messaging opportunities. Adorned with intricate designs, beer mats capture the essence of story-telling that has now blossomed into an art form. 


2. The Creative Canvas of Beer Mats

From classic designs to hand-crafted canvases that evoke nostalgia, beermats capture the changing landscape of the drinking culture. 

In recent times, breweries and advertisers have been maximising the potential of beer mats to deliver immersive experiences, by transforming them into tools of brand storytelling. Not only this, but they are also focusing on the creative aspect of contemporary artworks that push boundaries. 

Beer mats showcase a brand’s creativity and uniqueness and are commonly used in the UK and other countries worldwide. Moreover, beermat designs highlight miniature artistic work, thought-provoking illustrations and clever messages that describe a compelling journey. 

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3. Beer Mats: A Cost-Effective Way to Reach a Large Audience

In a competitive world, businesses are increasingly finding ways to save costs on advertising. This is where beer mats come in. They have become a highly cost-effective medium for widespread distribution. 

In the UK, they are a staple in drinking establishments such as pubs or restaurants, where they catch the attention of numerous people. Their attractive designs help ensure that a certain demographic is exposed to the advertising message. Compared to the traditional forms of advertising, the cost per impression with beer mat advertising is extremely low, making it a smart choice. 

It also offers extended exposure, increasing the chances of brand retention and future engagement. Due to the aesthetic appeal of these coasters, patrons often place their drinks on these mats while engaging with the brand’s content. 

Not only this, but with the appropriate beer mat design and aesthetics, you can elevate the look and feel of your restaurant and pubs, leaving customers in awe! 

4. Beer Mats as Cultural Touchstones

Beer mats have reflected the core values of various cultures, showcasing the trends of the time. 

Throughout history, beer mats have evoked a sense of excitement, playfulness and nostalgia. Ingrained in our social rituals, they have participated with us in all kinds of celebrations, be it in the atmosphere of a local pub or a large event. 

Often served as conversation starters, beer mats bridge the gap between strangers, inviting shared cultural experiences. They’re also considered to be collectors’ items as the messaging or detailed artwork on them holds sentimental value. 

Furthermore, beer mats have transformed into more than coasters; they’re a treasure trove of drinking experiences, preserving stories and creating a link to the diversity of cultural heritage. 

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5. The Future of Beer Mats: A Digital Canvas

a beer glass photography

As the world hurtles towards the digital age, beer mats will evolve with a promising future. 

In the technological-driven era, beer mats are bound to make a revolutionary change. The future of beer mats are centred around sustainability and an eco-friendly approach to their traditional counterparts. We can expect high-definition screens with extraordinary visuals, videos, animations and interactive content. 

Moreover, we may witness a high level of flexibility in terms of deliverance. Content will be more personalised, enabling brands to engage more audiences for impactful beer mat advertising. 

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Throughout this blog, we have explored the importance of beer mats as a symbol of companionship and evolving trends of cultural diversity. With their widespread distribution and cost-effectiveness, they are a successful product in the advertising industry. 

Truly, beer mats have the captivating spirit to leave lasting impressions on the culture of drinking. 

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